About Maria

Maria Rossi, CMT

I am a California State Certified Massage Therapist  and have maintained a private practice in the Santa Cruz County for 20 years. I have worked with local healthcare providers offering Therapeutic Massage as an adjunct to traditional health care in addressing soft tissue imbalances.

My mission is to help individuals achieve and maintain a pain free, active lifestyle, through massage therapy and self-care education. In all my work, my intention is to facilitate the healing process by restoring and maintaining freedom of movement to the body.

Recently, encouraged by my clients' desire for additional self-care education, I developed Self-Massage for Fitness, a self-care program which teaches individuals how to relieve issues of overuse, chronic pain, injury and sports recovery.  The techniques can be used in between office visits and to treat aches and pains incurred in the daily process of work, play and life in general.

I offer hands-on massage therapy treatment as well as instruction in Self-Massage for Fitness for those who wish to move gracefully through life...because movement is the art of life!

     License #12931